Summer Camp Registration


As of August 2020, we have moved to a new camp registration system right here on our website. All required ‘forms’ and payment are able to be completed online right here at! To reserve your child’s spot at camp, we must receive all required forms as well as payment in full.


  1. 2-Day Taste of Deerassic Camp (Ages 6-8) – June 7th-8th
  2. 1-Day Beginner Art Camp (Ages 6-8) – June 21st
  3. 1-Day Intermediate Art Camp (Ages 9-11) – June 23rd
  4. 4-Day Archery Camp (Ages 10-15) – June 13th-16th
  5. 4-Day Junior Camp (Ages 9-11) Session 1 – June 28th-July 1st
  6. 4-Day Junior Camp (Ages 9-11) Session 2 – July 19th-22nd
  7. 4-Day Senior Camp (Ages 12-15) – July 5th-8th
  8. 1-Day Hydro Camp (Ages 9-15) Session 1 –  July 12th
  9. 1-Day Hydro Camp (Ages 9-15) Session 2 –  July 14th
  10. 3-Day Survival Camp (Ages 12-15) – July 26th-28th
  11. 3-Day Bowhunting Camp (Ages 12-15) – August 12th-14th
  12. Overnight Bigfoot Lock-In (Ages 9-15) – October 8th-9th
  13. 3-Day Winter Camp (Ages 9-15) – December 28th-30th


We are also happy to accept paper forms at the office (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm) or by mail. Please keep in mind if you turn in physical forms and pay via the office or by mail or fax, online orders may come in prior to and spots may be filled before we receive yours. Camps sell out quick!

Please make checks out to Deerassic Park. You may return any forms to our Education Director at, or mail them to Deerassic Park, 14250 Cadiz Road, Cambridge, OH 43725.

Printable PDF Camp Registration Forms Are Available Upon Request (must be mailed or brought into the office along with payment to reserve spot):

If you wish to receive pdf versions or physical copies of any of these documents, please contact us and we would be happy to mail these out to you. Keep in mind again, this process takes longer and spots may fill up prior.

For any additional questions, call 740-435-3335 Monday-Friday from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., or email