Our Mission

The guiding philosophy at Deerassic Park Education Center is to reconnect youth and families with outdoor activities and recreation, fostering and developing a life long appreciation for the outdoors and nature. This is accomplished primarily through programs and events involving regional youth and their parents, and is done at little to no cost for the participants.

Seeing a trend in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s of declining youth involvement in the outdoors, Deerassic Park Education Center was established to combat these declines. Since then, the staff at the facility have provided a myriad of programs and events designed for youth and families to experience the outdoors and become participants in a variety of outdoor activities.

Deerassic Park Education Center currently maintains a live deer herd of approx. 50 deer on the property. These animals are used as a framing mechanism for the educational programs that we provide to the youth and families that attend their educational programs and events. They allow us to have conversations about conservation, the environment and nature, and tie together a nature theme for the organization.