Deerassic Park’s 2022 Coyote Tournament

Rules of the Tournament


– Total weight tournament.  You can weigh your small coyote and large coyote also into your team’s total weight.  All tie-breakers will be by the time you weigh-in.

– Registration Starts November 11th through January 28th till Noon.

– Registration is online at, or on the 2022 Deerassic Park Coyote Tournament Facebook event page, by calling Monday – Friday the Deerassic Park office at 740-435-3335 from 8am-4pm, or by stopping in the Deerassic Park office Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm.  All teams must be registered by Noon on Friday, January 28th.

– Registration fee is $80 per team with the option of $10 for large coyote and $10 for small coyote.  You must have your large and small coyotes picked out before you weigh-in.

– $10 of each team’s registration fee will be directly donated to the 2022 Deerassic Youth Turkey Hunt and the remaining $70 will be distributed as followed:

50% to 1st Place team (if team is one of the first 20 teams to register there will a $100 bonus added and if team #21-#40 to register there will be a $50 bonus added).

30% to 2nd Place team (if team is one of the first 20 teams to register there will a $100 bonus added and if team #21-#40 to register there will be a $50 bonus added).

20% to 3rd Place team (if team is one of the first 20 teams to register there will a $100 bonus added and if team #21-#40 to register there will be a $50 bonus added).

100% of large coyote pot and small coyote pot will be paid out to top team in each category.

*** Depending on Sponsorship money, the payouts can increase ***

– All teams must have a team captain and a team name.  One of the team members must be present at the weigh-in.  A team can consist of up to 4 members.  ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST HUNT TOGETHER.    Final weigh –in will be Sunday January 30th from Noon-2pm.  All teams must be at Deerassic Park by 2pm in order to have coyotes count.

– Do not combine or share animals with other teams, this will not be tolerated and will be an automatic disqualification.

– All coyotes must be complete when weighed in.

– Kill blocks must be used, just like previous year.  The kill block will have the Ohio pick 4 lottery number written on the top (this is drawn approximately at 7:30 on Friday January 28nd) and your team’s number (which will be assigned  Friday, January 28th at 1pm) written on the bottom.  The block will be around 1 inch x 1 inch x 3 inches long, you can make these yourself or use Jenga blocks found at any store.  Place the lotto numbers towards the roof of the mouth and push it behind the K9s.  Close the mouth and use zip ties to shut the mouth as tight as you can.  We will post a video on the 2022 Deerassic Coyote Tournament event page on Facebook.  If the coyote does not have a jaw, you still need to zip tie a kill block to whatever is left.  All coyotes killed must have a short video of a team member shaking it with all team members in it.  If a team member that is signed up and cannot hunt, you must notify Mark Meeker by text at 740-680-4545.  This is to eliminate any cheating.  Also, please zip tie your team’s name on a piece of paper to the leg of each coyote.

– All violators will be disqualified from the hunt if caught cheating.  Please remember this tournament is for fun and cheating will not be tolerated.

– All teams must dispose of their own coyotes.

– Must follow all State laws and regulations.  Limited to CALLERS ONLY (no baiting, dogs, etc)

– Your team can hunt anywhere you want in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  You can have team members from other states.

– All decisions will be made and final by Deerassic Park Staff.

– Follow the 2022 Deerassic Park Coyote Tournament event Facebook page for updates.

You can email or if you have any questions or call the Deerassic Park Office at 740-435-3335 from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.


Deerassic Park Education Center – 14250 Cadiz Rd. Cambridge, Ohio – 740-435-3335

Deerassic Park offers several tournaments/derbies throughout the year to give the community a chance to compete in a friendly environment of outdoor activities. For dates, entry fees, registrations, and more information, check the calendar of events on the site or call (740) 435-3335.
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