Why Choose Deerassic?

Deerassic camp is always a highlight of the summer. Activities are fun and my child has made some great friendships. The counselors are great and they lead a lot of fun activities that encourage outdoor play and teaches conservation.
I appreciate that Deerassic provides these camps. So much of our daily lives revolve around indoor activities and electronics. These camps allow kids to reconnect with the outdoors. My son cannot wait for the camps next year!
My daughter loved every counselor. I appreciate how she came home talking about all of them as though she had always known them. It is a great feeling leaving your child where she feels comfortable and welcome!
These camps are a great way to introduce an understanding and appreciation for nature to adolescents and engage them in meeting new people and experience new things!
As a parent, the entire experience was amazing. Every encounter that I had with Deerassic Park representatives ensured me that both the camps would be a safe and exciting experience for my son.
Everything was wonderful. I appreciate the steps you took to make it a safe environment with the COVID-19 pandemic and still give the kids something where they could interact with others.



We understand that entrusting a child to anyone other than family or friends is a big decision, and one that is not taken lightly. It isn’t easy to put faith in strangers, but we are proud of our history, our staff and our culture here at Deerassic Park, and our aim is do whatever it takes to ensure that every child has a safe, fun and meaningful experience with us. Every child deserves a summer camp memory, and we hope you choose Deerassic to help make that memory last a lifetime.


Deerassic has been providing camp experiences over the last decade, as well as hosting hundreds of field trips and other numerous educational events over the years. Through these events we here at Deerassic are able to host approximately 12,00 youth annually with a focus on the individual experience and growth.


Our Education Director is fully committed to making sure your child’s great time and safety are the top priority. With a degree in Education and years of public school teaching experience as well as over a decade of child care experience, you can rest assured knowing that your child is in great quality care.

Our summer counselors come from near and far, and are rigorously selected and background checked to ensure only the very best are responsible for your child’s safety and well-being. Every staff member is held to our high standards and expectations here at Deerassic Park.


The guiding philosophy at Deerassic Park Education Center is to reconnect youth and families with outdoor activities and recreation, fostering and developing a life long appreciation for the outdoors and nature. This is accomplished primarily through programs and events involving regional youth and their parents.

Seeing a trend in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s of declining youth involvement in the outdoors, Deerassic Park Education Center was established to combat these declines. Since then, the staff at the facility have provided a myriad of programs and events designed for youth and families to experience the outdoors and become participants in a variety of outdoor activities.


But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some testimonials from parents of past campers!

My son had a great time! Activities were fun and engaging. He likes the hands-on learning and being outside. Even with COVID-19 and restrictions you found a way to have these camps. Even in inclement weather you always had a plan. Thank you for providing these fun camps for our children.
My daughter had a great time at camp this week. Thanks for making her time so enjoyable & a safe experience! ⭐️😊
My son loves coming to Deerassic. He has learned so much during the camps. Also, the staff have always made him feel welcome and at home. His little brother is looking forward to being able to go this year.
I love that my daughter was engaged throughout the day with varieties activities, both outdoors and indoors. She was so excited to get in the car every day to tell me what she did.
Excellent organization! Super friendly & knowledgeable staff/counselors!
My daughter loves going to Deerassic Park. It is a great experience to get her outside and engage with different groups of kids. She loves the mix of activities you provide. She likes shooting and archery most of all. We have an hour drive home and she talks about her day the whole way!