Deerassic-On-The-Go Grant

About The Deerassic-On-The-Go Grant

In 2017 we started a brand new grant to help schools with costs for bringing Deerassic Park into the schools. This new “Deerassic-On-The-Go” Grant can be applied for to cover the costs for our Education Coordinator to come to your school and teach your kids about the outdoors. This can be anything from a day talking about conservation and helping kids be aware of their environment, to an activity day for a class to relax and enjoy an outdoor program we offer at the park, to a week long lesson about QDM (Quality Deer Management) which includes it’s own curriculum. Almost everything we offer at Deerassic ties right in with school’s curriculum and correlates with common core classes.

Please contact our Education Coordinator, Luke Fabian if you have any questions: 740-435-3335 or